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To the Spring Seniors of 2020

To the Class of 2020,

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Arm in arm, we will all get through this together. Being a student-athlete during the time of COVID-19 is already difficult. However, being a senior during this unprecedented time can feel like you’re being crushed under the immense pressure. Will you turn into dust, or will you become a shining diamond? We’ve all dreamt of the big senior season in one way or another: the senior game, the final home game, and countless other small moments. They are snippets in our lives we no longer can experience. What will you do in the face of adversity? Are you going to crumble into a ball and weep? Or, are you going to persevere, and look forward to better days? Being a part of this special class for twelve years, I know that each and every one of you will do the latter. Instead of looking back at this time with anger and despair, look back even further, and appreciate the time you had together. The team bus rides, the horseplay in the locker room, visits to Emily’s office, and of course, playing the sport that you love, are all moments that we can cherish together. Regardless of COVID-19, we were bound to look back at this snippet in our history together. Whether it is 10 or 20 years  in the future, we are all going to look back at this moment and appreciate each other.  We will appreciate that we have made memories together, recognize that we’ve met fantastic friends, and smile that we got to do everything together. Keep your head up, and in the near future, embrace each other, congratulate one another over the feats we’ve achieved together. There’s always another at-bat. 

To the Classes of 2021-2023,

You might be asking yourself, “what can I do for the seniors during this time?” It’s simple. Work harder than the man or woman next to you, push each other to be better, and grow together with your teammates. Text or call a senior you know and ask them how they’re doing. You never know when something can be taken away from you, not only in sports, but also in life. Honor the Class of 2020 by representing the finest aspects of sports. Hard work, dedication, passion, and teamwork will not only bring you success on the field but will also help you grow as a person. When you read the next sentence, please, read it twice, and staple it across your heart. Play every game like it’s your last.

Join me in celebrating the following seniors on an amazing high school career, giving the school pride, and forming bonds that will last a lifetime. The Class of 2020 will persevere.

Girls Badminton

  • Sabrina Chu
  • Tessie Dong
  • Kelly Lam
  • Kayla Law
  • Justine Zhao

Girls Golf

  • Crystal Liu
  • Keena Yin
  • Sophia Gresalfi

Girls Lacrosse

  • Nyla Vega
  • Sabrina Dao
  • Julia DuVal
  • Hailey Schwartz
  • Jessica Bitanji
  • Alice Qian
  • Alyssa Hui
  • Puneet Grewal
  • Somya Pathak

Girls Softball

  • Joanna Vissichelli
  • Rachel Rosenberg
  • Sofia Monroy
  • Alice Zhang
  • Catherine Chin

Girls Track and Field

  • Sophia Kim
  • Emma Fico
  • Alessandra Saponara 
  • Lauren Wong 
  • Sophia Mao
  • Kiele Hwee
  • Joelle Siong Sin 

Boys Baseball

  • Eric Madenberg
  • Phil Menist 
  • Rayhan Khan
  • Paulie DePaulis
  • Adrian Balkcom
  • Sam Motelson
  • Ian Meyer
  • Stephen Farishian
  • Tim Park
  • John Vlantis
  • Daniel Goldberg 

Boys Golf

  • Michael Morrone
  • Hans Dewitte
  • Michael Forstener
  • Jeffery Ma

Boys Lacrosse

  • Jordan Boico
  • Amal Deochand
  • Steven Grams
  • Joe Huang
  • Joseph Donofrio
  • Justin Kuzler
  • Scott Losirisup
  • Josh Ovadia
  • Donovan Pham

Boys Tennis

  • Brian Kornreich
  • Kevin Lin
  • Dmitry Smokilo
  • Sam Perlman
  • Spencer Horowitz
  • Eric Bae

Boys Track and Field

  • Holden Velasco
  • Junior De La Cruz
  • Richard Kanders
  • Justin Hu
  • Ben Liu
  • Josh Wan
  • Austin George
  • Kareem Allen-Austin
  • Matthew Lau
  • Ryan Lessing
  • German Chirinos
  • Josh Cao
  • Ali Fazal
  • Cole Kniesly
  • Dominic Grams
  • Aaron Newman

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