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Lost Soulmate

Even to this day you still torture me

The memories we made—together—will stick with me for the rest of my life like pollen to a bee

You see, no one made me feel like you did, honey

Sure, we had our bad days, but our good ones were just that much sweeter, and full of glee

Pushing you on the swings, watching your vastly growing smile on your face gave me the greatest euphoria there could be

Watching your eyes blithely match mine after a corny joke sent butterflies shooting through my veins, making any pain flee

I saw you grow; sprout out of your former shell; something only I could see

Nothing kept me going like imagining the bride’s bouquet – your bouquet – flying high over your head; making a statement—you only want me

So, soar, and leave our memories behind, like an island lost at sea

Move onto the next, but unconditionally,

Know I’m sorry for the disatorious ending, that, I know, we can both agree

You deserved better than our twisted reality

I hope you enjoyed our brief time together – pure beauty

So – when you fly so high, do me a favor: don’t forget me

Goodbye Munchkin

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